17 January 2018 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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The reality of our future will be layered with Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. These technologies are being used to re-imagine, reconfigure, and redesign the world around us.


Imagine, you’re walking over a pile of land that will soon be occupied by your dream house. To design your house, from the kitchen, to the backyard, and even the colours on the walls, you may be using VR, AR, and MR technology.


Together these technologies help you design and craft exactly what you’re new home will look like, before a single brick is laid. You will be able to walk from room to room, experiencing what the space will look, feel, and perhaps even smell like.


We’re so used to walking through the world staring at our phones. But, these new technologies will enhance the world with a digital layer of information, forcing us to look up and around. These technologies are not about replacing the world, but they’re about enhancing our experience of what nature has already created.


There’s a very unique difference to AR, VR, and MR. They all serve a different purpose and in the future, we’ll be interacting with them in unique ways. To discover what the world may look like, and how these technologies will design our future, join Academy Xi’s event Designing Reality: Understanding Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Design.


Ming Wei Chan, Virtual Reality Business and Experience Designer at PwC will join Saxon Dixon, Co-founder of Virtual Immersive, Nick Strine, Art Director at StartVR, and Allison Reid, COO of Company of Unicorns to discuss the difference between AR, VR, and MR, and what skills the industry is already looking for.


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, isn’t investing $3 billion into this space for nothing. This is our future, so take the first step in investing in the skills that will redesign our reality.


Saxon Dixon

Co-founder of Virtual Immersive

With 10 years experience as a real-time artist, Saxon is one of Sydney’s top VR and UX Designers in the Games and Interactive industry.

Designing experiences from mobile to Triple A Games, Saxon builds experiences that are both creative and immersive, which is what makes him one of Australia’s leading experts. Saxon is interested in the convergence of User Experience and Mixed Reality Design and is passionate about how he can build worlds within these futuristic mediums.

Ming Wei Chan

Virtual Reality Business and Experience Designer

Ming started fresh at Sydney University with big dreams of changing the world through design. After choosing to study Architecture, he learned just how long and arduous the traditional path would be. After quitting his degree, Ming decided to explore technology and started working as an Experience Designer at PwC.

Ming is working with the Virtual Reality team and has created experiences that have disrupted the car dealership model. VR has enhanced the safety training for utility organisation, and even designed new retail spaces.

Currently, Ming has just launched Lernable, a startup that seeks to connect everyday learners with mentors with special skills. It’s a company that he hopes will embody one of his life’s values: never stop learning.

Allison Reid

COO of Company of Unicorns

As a founding partner and COO at Company of Unicorns, Allison supports a range of VR projects aimed at   entertainment, learning, and accessibility. In a previous work-life, Allison was a corporate account manager in New York City – optimising global retail, wholesale, and manufacturing supply chains in NYC’s garment district
before moving on to do similar work for major financial firms on Wall Street.

It was within the context of fashion, that the amplified capacity of VR to create impactful outcomes full of emotion, understanding, and learning drew Allison to the medium. Today, Allison is passionate about exploring opportunities that use the medium to create tangible environmental and social benefits.

Nick Strine

360 UI/UX Designer and Art Director at StartVR

Nick started off his career as a storyboard artist and eventually made his way into the Virtual and Augmented Reality industry. He’s worked on 360 stereo video, Premier Pro, Skybox Mettle, Cinema 4D, Fusion 9, Gravity Sketch, and finally Google Tilt.

His skills have enabled him to work for companies like Qantas, Samsung, Westpac, and Atlas Obscura.

Currently, Nick works as a UI/UX Designers and Art Director at StartVR, a Virtual Reality content and production studio. He manages all design aspects across commercial and original content divisions, as well as providing User Experience Design, creative direction and art direction for VR productions and 360º content.

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17 January
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


48 Druitt Street,
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