06 December 2017 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed, overworked, and just down right ‘over it’? If you feel yourself nodding in agreement, you may have suffered a burnout — and no, these burnouts are not exclusive to entrepreneurs.


The emotional and physical effects of a burnout can spill over into all aspects of your life, including work, social, and home life. It’s a big deal and if no action is taken you could land yourself in the ER.  


There are steps you can take to recover from a burnout, but what about the steps to prevent a burnout?


Mindset Coach Dara Simkin is part of our panel: Designing Healthier Workplaces. Dara will be discussing multiple ways to stop the burnout before hitting stress level 1,000. She believes we’re all responsible for designing healthier workplaces to ensure we come home every day feeling fulfilled, not stressed.


Especially in the digital age, people have even more of an opportunity to work smarter, not harder. As jobs become more automated, we need to prepare ourselves for the future workplace and that all starts now!


On December 6th learn how to design your perfect workplace and work on yourself — the biggest design project of them all.


Dara Simkin

Director of Project Play

Dara is a Mindset Coach and is the author of Mindset Renovating: A practical guide to declutter your mind. She believes self-development should be an approachable part of personal growth and designs the mindset conversation around acceptance, curiosity, and playfulness.

Dara is the director of Project Play, a company that uses experiential programs to help people bridge that gap between work and play. Project Play has run workshops for Melbourne-based agencies including HardHat Digital, Loud & Clear, KFC, and PauseFest.

For more than a decade, Dara has been studying self-development and has designed practical and fun tools for people to design healthier workplaces.

Kate McCready

Producer of The Good Work Revolution Podcast

Kate is a coach, speaker, and human-centred designer who is obsessed with the human experience of work and the impact it has on our lives. Kate helps her clients to activate their true potential to live more meaningful lives, both at work and at home.

In addition, Kate is a producer of the podcast The Good Work Revolution and in her downtime, she’s training to become a meditation teacher in the Vedic tradition.

Milly Schmidt

Human-Centred Designer

Milly is a human-centred designer who works with product companies to plan for the future. She helps companies incorporate design and systems thinking, and lean methodologies to interfaces, experiences, products, and processes.

Currently, Milly is building her own product called Estimate Work, which helps digital agencies scope client projects and refine their understanding of what’s involved.

In her spare time, Milly also speaks at many Melbourne design and development events to encourage the next generation of women to step into technical roles and reap the benefits of working in a constantly evolving industry.

Milly teaches for, codes with and is a passionate advocate for Code Like a Girl, who have a mission to get more women working in (and staying in) coding careers.

Dustin Elliot

Host of Why 2 Podcast

Dustin Elliott is the host of Why 2 Podcast and regularly interviews interesting and noteworthy people to learn about their career journeys. Dustin is relentlessly focused on understanding the operating systems that drives people’s lives and is interested in learning how to people can optimise their own operating system to lead a purpose-driven life.

In addition the podcast, Dustin is also a Business Consultant with Wyzed, an online learning software. He works with everyone from SMEs to enterprises in developing agile businesses in a human-centric way.

Michael Ellis

Head of Culture, VinoMofo

Michael wants to live in a world where the place we work can be a refuge. Rather than checking ourselves at the door, imagine if we could bring our true, genuine, authentic self to work, to do work that is an expression of our purpose. Creating workplaces where this is the norm, that’s what’s to Michael.

Michael is dedicated to creating a workplace which inspires, nurtures and attracts the most exceptional humans. Vinomofo is for the seekers and the doers. Its credo is to ‘Step Up, Care More, Keep it Real, Do Some Good and Have Fun.

Dates and fees
06 December
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition st,

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