07 August 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, 48 Druitt Street, Sydney 2000

Event Description

Inclusive design is widely accepted as a win-win for business and customers. The rise of human centred design principles being applied across a range of business disciplines is driving inclusive design even more. In a world of rapid digital transformation, how do businesses ensure no-one is left behind?

Afterall, if we’re not designing for all, then who are we really designing for?

Academy Xi is pleased to welcome a diverse panel of leaders in business, experience and product design to share stories about their projects, design journey, and how their experiences have shaped their design process.

This event will inspire and educate with practical actions to design inclusively in your workplace or next project. At Design is not for you; it’s for everyone else, we will immerse you in a conversation exploring:

  • Intersectionality and its role in inclusive design
  • How unconscious bias affects everyone
  • Understanding someone else’s reality, their lived experience, when it might be vastly different than your own
  • Empathy: the challenge and the reward
  • Defining groups as marginalised, vulnerable, a minority: do these terms help or detract in the design process?
  • Reflect on ourselves as designers, do our teams represent the broad spectrum of people we design for? How can we get better at bridging this gap, and what is the benefit?

Don’t miss this thoughtful discussion demonstrating how the consideration of everyone’s perspective will lead to a greater experience for all.

Natasha Ballantyne

Experience Strategy Lead at PwC Digital

Natasha is an experience design consultant with a background in business, teaching and graphic design. She has strong skills in ideation and user centred prototyping, and specialises in leading research teams. Natasha believes in empathy-led solutions, and communicating the voice of the customer to people in organisations that can make change. She has experience working with cross-functional teams in customer strategy, service design and user experience, and has recently found her passion working with vulnerable customers.

Melanie Tran

User Experience Designer at HireUp

Melanie Tran is a disruptor, an innovator, an activist, an entrepreneur. Driven by a deep sense of empathy, Melanie has an orientation towards finding creative solutions, and is on a mission to prove that disability does not define a person.

Melanie’s lived-experience, developed skills and knowledge allow for her work to span the disability, health, education and technology sectors. With over six years’ experience, and through her role as a UX Designer at Hireup and Laureate International Universities, Melanie fights, every day, for a society which is flexible enough to adapt. Melanie’s work as a UX Designer in the Product Innovation Hub at Laureate enables her to problem solve through the creative lens, and embrace access and inclusion as a core principle in the design and development of solutions within the education sector.

Tim Noakesmith

Founder and CCO of VOW

Tim is the Cofounder of a Biotech company called VOW, who use stemcell breakthroughs to grow animal cells into meat, but without the need for animals. He has worked across Agency, Enterprise and Startups in everything from bitcoin wallets to medical technology, and most recently as the Global Human Centred Design Lead for Cochlear. He has a background in Product Management and brings a deep pragmatic approach to design, stripping the concepts back their fundamental 'why'.

Lara Husselbee

Human-Centred Design Consultant

A Human-centred design consultant that believes a little bit of empathy goes a very long way. Lara is a no bullshit, insights-to-action, creative problem solver with deep roots in designing ideal and cost-effective experiences for customers, clients and staff.

To date, her career has stretched across financial services, the tech sector and adult learning & development in locations across Australia, India and South Africa. Her goal is to help other realise how HCD methodologies can help create understanding and therefore empathy, she therefore donates a lot of her time helping LGBTI+ groups to do so.

On the side, Lara is an adventure swim guide and is one of the co-founders of Sundae Suits, a company bringing back the Safari Suit to all to cool down your summer soiree.

Moderated by

Chloe Hampton

Experience Strategy Lead at PwC Digital

Chloe is an Experience Strategy Lead at PwC’s Experience Consulting. She has nearly 15 years experience in digital across consultancy and industry leading multi-disciplinary teams to developing products and services. Chloe has a master’s in management and information system and dual bachelors in economic and international business. She is trained in trauma-informed care and is passionate about giving a voice to those that would otherwise be overlooked.

Chloe practices resilience having had a traumatic life herself and showcases how lived experience can be an asset to designers. She has designed services for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, worked with parents who experienced stillbirths, advocated against domestic violence, mentored sexual abuse victims, and most recently joined PwC’s effort to end homelessness - The Constellation Project.

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07 August 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000

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