19 December 2017 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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From reimagining democracy to reducing waste, there are lots of world-changing ideas being built on the blockchain. At first glance, it’s easy to get lost down the blockchain rabbit hole, but once you see the blockchain in action, understanding its power becomes a whole lot easier.


To help you peel back the magic of the blockchain and look beneath the surface, three blockchain entrepreneurs will be exclusively demoing a full stack Ethereum use-case.


We’re excited to introduce Gendry Morales, Nas Munawar, and Jochy Reyes, the team behind the CryptoCats, the Melbourne-born blockchain startup. On December 19th, you’ll get to meet the cute and collectible 8-bit cats that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The CryptoCats are digital collectible artwork that were created as an experiment to learn first hand how to build full stack use-cases on the Ethereum platform. The idea was formed by meshing together digital asset ownership on the blockchain with what the internet loves most…cats.

This use-case for Digital Collectible Art ownership propelled the CryptoCats into serious business. Now, Gendry, Nas, and Jochy will share their experience with the making of the CryptoCats and will demonstrate unique use-cases of Ethereum and how it can be used across multiple industries.


Creating the use-case


What makes the CryptoCats so special by being on the Ethereum blockchain? In this masterclass, learn how the 8-bit cats live, work, and play on the blockchain. At a high-level, you will learn the product development techniques that make Ethereum a powerful global infrastructure.


The masterclass will cover:

  • Token economics
  • Proof of ownership
  • Scarcity
  • Solution-led ideation
  • Vertical slicing
  • Incremental blockchain delivery
  • UX/UI interaction with Ethereum
  • Solidarity contract development
  • DevOps practices

Gendry Morales

Founder of Style Hacker

Gendry is an entrepreneur working on creative use-cases for the blockchain. She tries to understand how decentralised management models will impact the future of work, how the fashion industry can leverage blockchain and data science, and the implications of digital asset ownership and collectible art on the blockchain.

After graduating with a Computer Science degree, Gendry started her career as a backend developer and has worked in senior technical leadership roles. She has specialised in modern Product Delivery across a number of industries, including Financial Services, which is where her interest in cryptocurrencies began.

Gendry also specialises in modern leadership principles including self-organisation and decentralisation and regularly speaks at conferences covering topics of data democratisation, game theory, and new ways of designing governance.

Jochy Reyes

Senior Consultant at Elabor8

Jochy is the UX/UI lead and cat artist behind the CryptoCats. She comes from a back-end engineering background in the finance and telco industry. After moving from Singapore, Jochy has worked with some of the most modern digital organisations in Melbourne.

Apart from cats, her passion is working with teams and keeping them engaged by creating fun learning environments. Currently, Jochy is also co-championing CoderDojo for kids in Richmond to teach young people computer programming techniques.

Nas Munawar

CryptoCats Technical Lead

Nas is the technical expert and back-end lead behind the CryptoCats. He brings modern engineering practices of DevOps and full stack development to the blockchain. Nas has worked in some of the largest banks in Singapore, delivering complex projects across various geographical regions and teams.

Ever since he first laid hands on a 486 PC and developed his own Pac-Man game as a cure for boredom, Nas continues to sit himself at the intersection of real-world problems and technology.

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19 December
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Level 4/2 Kavanagh St,
Southbank VIC 3006