11 September 2019

6:30 pm


The Executive Centre, Fraser's Tower, Level 17, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore

Event Description

Academy Xi in partnership with The Liquid Lab invite you to the second ‘Liquid Lab Salon’, an interactive learning event where we’ll explore the future of work, cities, and real estate. You’ll hear from four provocateurs who will each present diverse perspectives and contextual insights on the challenges that need to be overcome in the future, and then, together with your fellow attendees, you’ll be invited to share your thoughts on how these challenges play out from your point of view.

At this event we will explore “What would cities look like if they were designed by Women?”

The world you inhabit was designed mostly by men. For thousands of years, the virtually all-male profession of building has excelled at producing temples, fortresses, cathedrals, castles, stadiums, skyscrapers, highway interchanges, and imposing government centers — buildings that women often use with subliminal frustration. Thermostats that regulate temperatures for office workers in jacket and tie, double doors that require a manly shove to open, airport security scanners with conveyor belts too high to hoist hand luggage onto, inadequate public restrooms, parking garages to delight the lurking rapist — all these aspects of urban life seem studied for the inconvenience of women. Nearly 40 years ago, in an essay titled “What Would a Non-Sexist City Be Like?” the urban historian Dolores Hayden argued that traditional zoning effectively confined women in single-family houses, physically separated from the work world by impossibly long commutes. (She advocated communal living, higher densities, and neighbourhoods that jumbled workplaces and residences.)

To put Hayden’s question another way: What will cities be like when there are more women designing them? This is what we hope to uncover.. 

We believe the best creative thinking is the result of bringing together different points of view, so we won’t be just “workshopping” ideas, we will be designing the future of work and cities with you.  

If you’re a designer, thinker, dreamer, or do-er this event is for you!



Maya Madhusoodan | Strategy Director @ Space Doctors

Lusia Nini Purwajati | Senior Programme Manager @ 100 Resilient Cities

Mike See | Talent Director @ IDEO Asia

Dates and fees


11 September 2019

6:30 pm



The Executive Centre,
Fraser's Tower,
Level 17,
182 Cecil Street,

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