04 September 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, 48 Druitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

Event description

A recent Gallup study found that almost half of the American workforce experienced feeling burnt out at some point in the last year. Similarly, here in Australia, many of us will have experienced burnout from our work: whether it’s long hours, overcommitting yourself on a project, or unrealistic expectations from your manager. Regardless of the cause, burnout can be severely detrimental to your health, wellbeing and relationships.

But is burnout systemic in the design industry? What is causing ‘creative burnout’, and how can we manage it?

At our event Burnout: The creative’s challenge, our panel will explore:

  • The challenges of maintaining a work-life balance in the design industry
  • ‘Never saying no’, the culture this creates and how we can reset expectations
  • How to implement flexibility for yourself and your clients
  • How to identify when you or someone close to you is burnt out, and the steps you can take
  • How to champion a culture shift in your industry

Never Not Creative

Never Not Creative is a community of creatives who want to make our industry a better place. We hope to support, inspire and come together to create the ideas, tools and solutions that improve the wellbeing of everyone in the industry and promote the value of creativity in the world.

Design Business Council

Design Business Council was founded by Greg Branson and Carol Mackay to help improve the business capabilities of Australian graphic designers.

It’s a gap in the market – the business of design is an area that is often neglected in the Australian design industry. With the majority of design studios being micro businesses it’s difficult for designers to stay current with, or get on front of, design trends and technology let alone worrying about management practice. That’s a problem because examination of mature Australian design studios shows sound management skills are integral to success and growth. The DBC helps creative executives develop business knowledge and skill.

Dates and fees


04 September 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
48 Druitt St,
Sydney NSW 2000

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