14 May 2019

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Academy Xi, Level 3, 45 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Event Description

Branding isn’t just reserved for large corporates and unicorn ideas. Personal branding is a crucial component in your career and relates to how people perceive your professional profile.

Introverts, defined by psychologist Carl Jung as though who are predominately quieter, and prefer to keep their emotions and thoughts internally, often find it difficult to establish a personal brand.

What is the sweet spot between establishing a strong, credible personal brand, when you’re innately inclined to keep to yourself?

At our panel, An Introvert’s Guide to Personal Branding, we’ll explore:

  • Key concepts about personal branding
  • The step-by-step guide to being a strong personal brand
  • Tactics so that you can stand out from the crowd.
  • How to relay your brand with respectable humility.


Caitlin Fairchild

People Ops at Xplor

Caitlin is a Yankee living down under and has been an expat for over 6 years. Since arriving in Australia she has worked in Talent Acquisition which has given her experience managing and promoting her own personal brand, coaching candidates through the recruitment process, and working with clients to develop their candidate attraction methods and improve their work culture. Caitlin is also a proud introvert and understands how difficult it can be to be misunderstood as part of an extroverted team, company, or in her extroverted industry of recruitment.

Johnathan Maltby

Personal Branding and Career Consultant

Johnathan is a Personal Branding and Career Consultant with extensive experience in helping people advance in their career.

His unique style of coaching and breakthrough strategies enables you to take control of your career by helping you identifying exactly who and what you are professionally as well as uncover your unique strengths and skills.

He can teach you how to confidently talk about yourself, communicate your brand and manage the way people perceive you in a professional sense so someone asks you “so tell me about yourself”, you are able to answer with certainty and confidence.

Johnathan runs group workshops and master classes in personal branding as well as individual coaching sessions. He is also a regular speaker at events and on discussion panels.

Dates and fees


14 May 2019

6:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm



Academy Xi,
Level 3,
45 Exhibition St,
Melbourne VIC 3000

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