23 January 2019

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


JLL Singapore, 9 Raffles Place, Level 37 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619

Event Description

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once thought to be a concept within the realm of science fiction movies. Today, the AI industry has evolved dramatically, and at the end of 2018 was worth US$7.35 billion.

Similarly, the Internet of Things (IoT) has instantaneously connected us to more devices than ever before. The combination of both, provides us with a way of controlling our world digitally, augmenting our experiences both at work and at home and has many of us questioning where humans stand in this new frontier.

There is no doubt that these technologies present an abundance of opportunity. Many large companies are harnessing the potential in AI and IoT to significantly disrupt the way consumers interact and use their products and services through analytics, automation and augmentation.

This “fourth industrial revolution” will see a rapid and at-scale transition to new types of work in the future, but what does this mean for humans?

At this event, our expert panel will discuss and explore:

  • How the development of AI and IoT is disrupting workforces
  • How companies are using AI and IoT to augment how they operate
  • How humans might adapt and prepare for the “fourth industrial revolution”



Kay Vasey
Technology lawyer turned start-up investor, and now Co-founder & Chief Connecting Officer at MeshMinds.
Focused on enabling sustainable development through creative technology, MeshMinds’ vision is to tackle global challenges from an Asian perspective.
Kay will provide insight on the creative economy, how technology is transforming the creative workforce and how the power of human connection will enable positive action for a better world.

Ben Hamley
Ben is the Asia-Pacific Lead for Future of Work at JLL. With a background in entertainment, education, technology and strategy design, Ben is perhaps described as an Expert Generalist; he specialises in not specialising.
JLL has a bold ambition for the future of work in Asia that stretches beyond just ‘where’ companies work, but why and how they work.
Ben will share insights into the trends in technology disrupting some of the largest companies across Asia, and why the human experience of work will be more important than anything in the future.


Emmy-Lou is AcademyXi’s Collaboration Designer in Singapore. A Medical Engineering dropout turned Nurse, turned Service Designer; Emmy-Lou quickly realised the problems worth solving in healthcare required a new set of skills.
In Australia Emmy-Lou was an Innovation Manager in PwC’s Experience Centre leading projects focused on patient experience and innovative models of care for people experiencing mental health issues.
Emmy-Lou is the perfect example of how we all need to think about our skills for the future.
As moderator for this event, she will ensure the discussion is insightful and entertaining.

Dates and fees


23 January 2019

6:30 pm ~ 8:30 pm



JLL Singapore,
9 Raffles Place,
Level 37 Republic Plaza,
Singapore 048619

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