UI Design Transform

Master the techniques to make digital interfaces super user-friendly and delightful to use!

Monday and Wednesday (Holidays: October 7 and 9)
26 August 2019
$4,000 AUD


Designers and UX practitioners with elevated skill in User Interface (UI) Design attract increased employment opportunities. Our UI Design course is designed to equip you with specific UI capabilities to produce leading digital design work and continue to enhance your portfolio.

Through this comprehensive course you’ll understand the principles and basic practices of UI design — developing wireframes and prototypes through the UI design cycle to high-fidelity.

Under industry-leading expert instructors, you will get hands-on and learn all the practical skills to become an industry-ready UI Designer.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the basic principles, history, and terminology of UI Design
  • Gaining practical, hands-on experience with UI software including UXPin and overviews of Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma
  • Working through an end-to-end UI Design project process
  • Creating a portfolio-ready basic high-fidelity UI wireframe
  • Receiving feedback on your portfolio project from leading industry instructors

This course is for

This course has no prerequisites and caters for a range of learners, including:

  • Graphic and Industrial Designers
  • Those wishing to develop entry-level UI proficiency
  • Human-Centred Designers / UX Designers
  • Anyone looking to upskill or elevate their career with a digital skillset.

What you'll Learn


Location, Course Dates and Fees in

26 Aug 2019 ~ 06 Nov 2019

6:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm

Monday and Wednesday (Holidays: October 7 and 9)

$4,000 AUD


Ground floor,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

1300 683 923

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