Transform your career and become a Service Designer.

Service Design creates business value by improving the quality, efficiency and profitability of inward and outward facing processes and touchpoints. Through research, planning and structuring, Service Designers aim to enhance the overall experience of a product or service.

As the demand for thoughtfully crafted services and Human-Centred experiences continues to increase, companies are looking to Service Designers to create an innovative and relevant brand experience that helps its people, partners, products, and processes.

 Learn from the best

Our full-time course is curated by Service Design practitioners with a breadth and depth of industry experience to ensure you’re job-ready in ten weeks.

Meet the right people

Born from a UX agency, we work closely with industry leaders. We’ll put you in front of the right people so you can forge invaluable industry connections at our networking events, and feel supported by our tight-knit community of design and tech thought leaders.

 Real experience, real portfolio, real clients

Transform your career with real client briefs and collaborative projects. You’ll get the unique opportunity to apply Service Design concepts to different commercial, governmental and social industries before you even begin your first day in the field.

Get hired

Carve out a successful career in Service Design with ongoing support from the beginning of your course to the moment you get hired. We’re committed to equipping you with the digital skills to support your transition into a Service Design career. As a sign of our commitment, we’ll provide employment support for a period of 90 days after the completion of your full-time course (free of charge) so you can secure a relevant job offer. We’ve got your back!

This course is for

We’re in the business of equipping and training the next wave of leading Service Designers. This course is suitable for:

  • Anyone with an aptitude and determination to  become a Service Designer
  • Designers that want to make an immediate switch into Service Design
  • Professionals who want to transform their career – no prerequisites are required but some existing commercial experience can be helpful!

Sounds just like you? All we require is passion, determination and a readiness to throw yourself into a future in Service Design. The possibilities are endless!

To ensure we meet your personal needs, our friendly Advice team will run through a short interview to get to know you better. After our quick chat, we’ll send through some pre-course work depending on your existing experience so we recommend applying for this course well ahead of time!  

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What you'll learn
  • Live Projects

    Our ten week program exposes you to live service design projects with real stakeholders and clients. You'll get the chance to work on three major projects that will provide you the techniques and experience most relevant to a Service Designer’s working environment.. We’ll set up an environment that mirrors most commercial practices to ensure you gain experience across multiple workflows, including:

    An Agile Service Design project
    A Government service design project
    A corporate service design project

  • Exploring the Problem space

    Building on your innate empathy, get introduced to Service Design and learn the techniques that help Service Designers explore the problem space. As you conduct internal investigations and move towards planning, facilitating and analysing Service Design Research, you’ll get familiar with:

    Client briefs and the design challenge
    Planning and conducting SD research with deeper techniques such as contextual inquiry and service Safari
    Understanding the organisation with service vulnerability, stakeholder maps and cause diagrams

  • Designing for co-creation

    Service Designers can confidently manoeuvre the diverse needs and mindsets of stakeholders and customers. Learn how to shape outcomes that drive the best value for all involved and develop techniques to help reach your desired goal:
    Research analysis and sensemaking
    Persona creation
    Jobs to be Done framework
    Service journey mapping
    Collaboration modes
    Business Model Canvas revisited

  • Strategic Thinking

    As a Service Designer, aligning the organisation with the customer - or user of a service - is essential. With critical analysis techniques to assess an organisation and its competitive landscape, Service Designers can guide the organisation towards efficiency, and relevancy.
    Revisit the client brief and design challenge
    Wicked problems
    External challenges & opportunities
    Business Model Canvas
    Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Creative Action

    With an array of complex and daunting possibilities, organisations can no longer afford to be complacent; this is where Creative Action is essential in prioritising concepts over completion. Learn how to translate the research & insights, how to ideate, collaborate and visually represent ideas in a rapid, informal way through:
    Service Vision
    Creative ideation
    Concept prioritisation
    Concept testing and iteration
    Minimum viable service (MVS)

  • Prototyping Services

    From simulations of real-world experiences to cognitive walkthroughs, learn how to develop compelling narratives, an essential tenet of the Service Design process:

    Story planning
    Storytelling canvas
    Test planning and preparation
    Assessing, analysing and addressing the feedback

  • Orchestration & delivery

    Change Management is a valuable skill and discipline but Service Designers are called upon to also support communication and onboarding processes. You’ll learn how to plan, visualise, create, and communicate key organisational deliverables through:

    MVS roadmap planning and management
    Service Blueprint
    Change management

  • Your future

    Start your future today by exploring the role of a Service Designer across different industries. Regardless of your current context, access support and plan for your future with advice on:
    Career planning
    Soft skills
    Portfolio creation
    Resume writing & LinkedIn
    Job Interviews

Learn more
Career outcomes
  • Get hired as a Service Designer or related practitioner
  • Work on real projects for real clients  to add to your portfolio
  • Develop an  industry-ready portfolio of three solutions to service challenges
  • Understand Service Design principles & methodology
  • Apply Service Design methods and tools to solve complex organisational problems across distinct organisational modes
  • Gain a holistic,  end-to-end understanding of service Design methodology.
  • Plan, conduct and analyse stakeholder and customer interviews
  • Attain a toolkit of techniques to create business value through implementing human centered practices
  • Learn and apply the ‘Jobs to be Done’ framework
  • Communicate value of Service Design, relative to other Experience Design disciplines and approaches
  • Plan and deliver co-creation sessions
  • Develop and deliver rapid service prototypes
  • Know how to plan, concept, and create Service Blueprints
Next course dates and fees
Monday - Friday
04/02/2019 to 12/04/2019
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
$13,500 AUD

Academy Xi,
48 Druitt St,