We live in a digital era, where more than 170 million people around the world access online platforms on a regular basis.

For most brands, Digital Marketing is a must-have, and professionals face the challenge of understanding all the tools and tactics deployed by marketers. Digital Marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing tactics from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Content Marketing and Behavioural Psychology.

As the industry expands, demand for Digital Marketers continues to rise. According to the 2018 Digital Skills and Salary Report by Digital + Technology Collective, 85 percent of their industry membership believed that skills in Digital Marketing, Digital Business Strategy, Digital Project Management, and Digital Design were highly relevant to their work.

The great thing about the industry is that Digital Marketers are not limited to a definitive career pathway. Industry professionals start working in content, strategy, data and analytics, or even their own startup company.

Our students include entrepreneurs wanting to validate their idea, professionals wanting to grow their business, and even traditional marketers, eager to learn about new and innovative marketing techniques.

The future of Digital Marketing is limitless and is forever changing with innovations in technology.

This course is for

There are no prerequisites for this course. We only ask you have an interest and willingness to learn and elevate your skills.

Traditional Marketers

You already know the basic principles of marketing, and you’re ready to understand how to move from print to online

Growth Marketers

You know the Growth Marketing funnel, but it’s time you brushed up on your skills. There are always new things to learn

Content Marketers

You create engaging content, and you want to learn how and where to target your audience

Social Media Marketers

You want to understand what lies outside social media marketing and how you can use metrics to optimise your reach


You have a great idea, but you need to grow your business and expand your online presence

Business Professionals

You already work in an established company, and you’re interested in learning new marketing tactics


The world of Digital Marketing is new to you, and you’re ready to step into an exciting and creative career

What you'll learn
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

    Learn about the digital landscape and the principles and tactics marketers use to
    drive business strategy. Deep dive into a range of Digital Marketing case studies to see how local and global businesses have achieved explosive growth.

  • Understanding the Customer

    To nurture your customer and optimise every interaction they have with your product or service, you first need to know who they are; their likes, desires, needs, and wants. Develop a set of clearly defined customer personas, and using these persona’s, you’ll build a solid strategy for writing sales copy and designing a customer journey.

  • Customer Acquisition & Activation

    Learn how to grow your online community and database by ensuring that every channel is tapped and activated for optimal outcomes. Utilise powerful Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your existing traffic. Also, learn how to grow your mailing list, segment your audience, and drive engagement by building effective landing pages.

  • SEO Fundamentals, Content, & Social Media

    Explore social media channels as a way to gain traction for your business. Walk away with a thorough understanding of paid and unpaid marketing tactics on social media platforms and identify the right tools and channels for your product or service.
    Learn the benefit of applying keyword research methods to your content marketing activities, and explore ways to amplify your content, products, or services.

  • Data & Analytics

    Become a data-driven marketer by learning the fundamentals of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Identify the metric that matters most, and understand the principles of LEAN analytics.
    Finally, to determine your growth path, experiment with online web scraping tools that make it easy to view hidden data from competitor websites.

Learn more
Career outcomes

Research and Knowledge

  • Learn about Digital Marketing and understand how to implement a Digital Marketing strategy
  • Identify how to help your business attract, acquire, and retain customers
  • Understand how to optimise the customer experience
  • Learn how to conduct competitor research and analysis
  • Gain knowledge of Digital Marketing channels and growth strategies
  • Receive a high-level overview of User Experience Design and Product Management
  • Understand the qualities and capabilities of Digital Marketers and the next steps to take in your career

Hands-On Skills

  • Create and test an ad campaign
  • Write content for social media marketing
  • Scrape competitor websites
  • Build a chatbot
  • Design a persona and their customer journey
  • Create a Google Analytics and Tag Manager account

Digital Marketing Toolkit

  • Access a wide variety of resources from blogs to books, and tools to software
  • Practice using and implementing online digital marketing tools
Next course dates and fees
5 Days I Monday to Friday
17/12/2018 to 21/12/2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
$3500 AUD

Academy Xi,
48 Druitt Street,
Sydney 2000