Welcome to the new and decentralised economy. Blockchain is already transforming how humans, machines, corporations, and governments interact. This is living, breathing disruption in a way we’ve never seen before.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been trading goods and services, using centralised systems to facilitate exchange. Bartering was first recorded in Egypt in 9,000 BC, with farmers exchanging cows for grains. Fast-forward to the present day and the same system has become decentralised, replaced by e-money, and cryptocurrencies.

In 2009, visionary Satoshi Nakamoto released a whitepaper outlining the protocol for a decentralised currency called Bitcoin. This new currency would not be controlled by individuals and instead would use a distributed ledger (the Blockchain) to verify and record transactions. At its peak, the value of Bitcoin rose to over $300 billion. This created millionaires overnight and a need for people to fast-track their learning to understand the power of the Blockchain.

Blockchain has taken the exchange system to a whole new level, driving engagement, certainty, and trust that has long been taken for granted. Now autonomy, democracy, and distribution are standard play for forward-thinking and emerging companies.

In our Designing for Blockchain course, you’ll learn how to take advantage of what is indeed the new economy. Ride the arc of the Blockchain and dive straight into a new realm that will forever change how we interact and transact.

This course is for

There are no prerequisites for this course. We only ask you have an interest and willingness to learn and elevate your skills.

  • Curious: you’ve heard of Blockchain before and now you want to understand how it applies to your industry, personal project, or career
  • UX & UI Designers: you’re someone who’s looking to understand how to design for Blockchain. You question how to design for interactions that are not necessarily visible
  • Designers and Developers: you’re looking for guidance on how to create design and interaction standards. You want to take advantage of the IxB (Interaction for Blockchain) toolkit
  • Government Executives: you’re looking to better understand Blockchain opportunities and how they may impact government projects and initiatives
  • Entrepreneurs: you’re already looking for ways to create profitable and disruptive businesses, so why not consider Blockchain?
  • Technology Enthusiasts: you know more than the average person about Bitcoin. You see Blockchain as the next big thing
  • Consultants and Advisors: your clients are asking you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this space. You need to highlight opportunities and provide innovative business strategies that will help your clients stay relevant, grow, and scale
What you'll learn
  • Welcome to The New Economy

    Crypto evangelists and financial institutions are finally in a rare state of agreement: ‘Blockchain is the most important and disruptive technology of our age.’ All kinds of data can now be stored and timestamped in a way that no-one can delete, censor, or edit. As a result, Blockchain has created a platform for mind-boggling applications — yes, many still question how this is even possible.

    Until the Blockchain arrived, data could easily be manipulated. Hackers, organisations, and even government agencies could copy, edit, censor, or delete information. We lived in a world where we feared for the safety of information, whether it be business or personal. But now, thanks to the Blockchain, that fear is fading.

    As complicated as Blockchain first appears, our expert Instructors are prepped and ready to help you dive deep into wonderful the rabbit hole of possibility. They will take you down and guide you along the path to the exit. It’s throughout this journey where you’ll learn how disruption truly occurs.

  • Using Blockchain

    In the latter part of 2017 there was a great amount of hype surrounding cryptocurrencies. Before the Christmas break, we watched Bitcoin increase dramatically in value. We saw it rise and fall within a matter of weeks. But, in this course, we’re shifting the focus from market volatility and instead, we’re placing emphasis on the real revolution: Blockchain protocols that enable the next wave of disruptive innovation.

    Startup entrepreneurs and traditional companies are converging and developing applications that will redefine our fundamental understanding and approach to transaction, identity, trade, ownership, and trust.

    Now that the crypto gold rush has calmed, learn about the exciting applications that are being developed by the greatest global talent. These applications are poised to reimagine any business vertical.

  • Commercial Applications for Blockchain

    Beyond serving as the underlying protocol for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology has many potential use cases and applications.

    There is no single industry that cannot benefit from this revolution: Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Real Estate, Media, Energy, Record Management, Food Supply Management, Environmental Monitoring, Identity Management, Voting, Taxation, Crowdfunding, Big Data, you name it! The world is open for business in a way that has never been possible... well, until now.

    Learn which businesses have already adopted the Blockchain and understand how they’re using this technology to solve problems using innovative solutions.

    Hint: this is where you’ll become part of the New Economy

  • Disrupt your Industry

    With research at hand, we’ll guide you through what’s required to create a viable business in Blockchain. Learn about the next level ICO (Initial Coin Offering), DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisations), and DIACO, the convergence of the two.

    We know, it all sounds a little confusing. But, not to worry, we’ll guide you through it all step-by-step. You’ll take away an understanding of Network and Protocol Design, as well as how and why you’d choose a public or private network.

    By this end of this phase, you’ll have created an initial concept for your very own DAICO.

  • Create a DAICO Product Concept

    Design is everything and design principles are as vital in the Blockchain as they across all industries.

    Take your initial concept further and step into the realm where Blockchain meets design. We’ll introduce you to the first set of Design Principles, covering topics such as Designing for Anonymity (there’s more).

    Use this phase to understand the opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain.

  • Create a DAICO Token

    Welcome to Token design. By the end of this phase, you’ll have learned how to create a token and we’ll introduce you to the next set of Design Principles. It’s here where we’ll guide you through important concepts such as Designing for Transparency and Smart Contracts.

    Smart Contracts are a key part of your business journey. Learn more about how to design a
    Token with human interaction in mind.

  • Design and Create your Product

    Design is still everything. Like traditional User Experience and Service Design, there are some vital principles that we need to be mindful of and ensure we capture. Some of these principles are universal and others are unique to designing for the Blockchain.

    All great companies, both new and old, create products and services with their customer at the core of their process. In this phase, you’ll create a prototype and learn how to test for usability and desirability.

  • The Future

    The appetite for new technology and new applications is here and it’s dramatically influencing our future. We’re approaching a perfect storm of desire, demand, interest, know-how, and investment in Blockchain technology.

    But, where are the job opportunities you ask? Oh, and what’s the impact on traditional industries? How do you communicate your concept in a compelling way? If you’re a startup, where are the investors and how do you create a compelling pitch story and pitch deck?

    These are all great questions! We’re here to answer them for you right before the final phase: your showcase.

  • Your Showcase

    This is your time to showcase your concept and gain valuable insights and feedback into pitching your idea to investors. Use this time to practice your pitch deck and shake away those presentation jitters.

    Ready to change the world? Someone must do it, so why not you?

Learn more
Career outcomes
  • Learn about the Blockchain: history, purpose, and vision
  • Understand how Blockchain technology works
  • Trade your very own cryptocurrency
  • Create a private wallet
  • Learn about the protocols that will enable the next wave of innovation
  • Learn which industries are being reimagined and meet some companies who are already using Blockchain technology
  • Learn how to identify and solve business and customer problems using Blockchain
  • Create, test, and validate your own DAICO concept and prototype
  • Create your own DAICO (next level ICO) and Whitepaper
  • Learn the essential design principles when designing your Blockchain product
  • Gain insight into career opportunities
  • Prepare and present a pitch for your Blockchain prototype

PK Rasam

Blockchain Business Expert

With two decades of experience in Innovation, Startups, Corporates, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Management, Investing, Strategic Guidance, PK Rasam is leading the charge with his locally founded Blockchain startups (shhhh, they’re a secret – sort of).
From teaching at several top universities to set up corporate innovation lab/program at Accenture, PK is a clear communicator, effective team builder and excellent at delivering workshops in a simple and engaging manner. PK is a full stack serial entrepreneur wearing several CxO roles at startups, and regularly mentors and judges new entrepreneurs on their journey.
PK leads the BlueChilli Melbourne office, where he connects entrepreneurs with corporates and investors to solve the world’s greatest challenges using emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
Combining his passion for learning, a willingness to listen, a commitment to personal and professional excellence, PK is ready to share his extensive knowledge in and about technology and how Blockchain will ultimately change our lives forever.

Sean Bennett

Blockchain Tech Expert

Sean leads technology at LINCD, a company that has built a blockchain protocol-agnostic accelerator platform that enables developers, startups and corporates to learn, experiment, build, and deploy solutions powered by blockchain.

Alongside my work with LINCD I hold advisory positions across multiple industries including financial services and aged care where I focus on:

  • Emerging technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, chatbots, and machine learning
  • Business and systems analysis; readiness for scale
  • Solution architecture, API strategy, and product execution
  • Startups and business models

I enjoy variety, so I have also created and operate online web applications built on various distributed ledger protocols. Ecliptic, for instance, is aimed at the developer community, allowing users to send, receive and trade digital assets and value in a matter of seconds. The service is available at no cost in order to encourage further development of products and services in that ecosystem.

I hail from New Zealand, now live in Australia, but work with clients, colleagues and collaborators across the globe. Kia ora!

Gendry Morales

Founder - The Flight Plan | Blockchain Consultant

Gendry is the founder of Flight Plan (http://theflightplan.io), a Blockchain Platform for rapid prototyping and an Experimentation Ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of use cases on the blockchain. This idea was born after her team launched a decentralised application called CryptoCats (http://cryptocats.thetwentysix.io) last year, digital collectible avatar art on the Ethereum Platform.

Gendry has 20 years of technology experience, 12 years of that in leadership roles specialising in modern engineering practices and product delivery. Gendry has a degree in Computer Science and background in backend development. She is a thought leader in Digital Transformation and Post Conventional Leadership. She regularly speaks at conferences covering topics in advanced Product Delivery practices at scale and how to use data science with team performance. And she helps demystify blockchain technology through a user experience lens with use cases in fashion, supply chain, art and games.

Ben Ralph

Lead Product and Experience Consultant

Throughout his career, Ben has had the opportunity to conduct in-depth ethnographic user research with the goal of finding opportunities for innovation within industries including publishing, education, marketing, finance and now, Blockchain.

“My approach is to identify significant and real user problems and work collaboratively to find MVP solutions that can be tested in the market. I always start with the assumption that the best user experience is one that balances user needs, business goals and technology opportunities and/or constraints. An idea that is too technically difficult or time-consuming to implement is an idea that should be broken down and thoroughly tested – ideally in Agile iterations.”

Next course dates and fees
10 Weeks | Saturdays
28/04/2018 to 07/07/2018
10:00 am to 4:30 pm
$4000 AUD

Academy Xi,
3/45 Exhibition Street,
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