Next to the Internet, Blockchain is considered to be one of the most impactful technology developments in recent history. Welcome to the new and decentralised economy. The technology is already transforming how humans, machines, corporations, and governments interact. It’s not just a new technology; it’s an economic and business innovation that has the potential to disrupt every industry.

Blockchain has taken the exchange system to a whole new level, driving engagement, certainty, and trust that has long been taken for granted. Now autonomy, democracy, and distribution are standard play for forward-thinking and emerging companies.

In our one-week Design a Blockchain Product course, you’ll work on your very own Blockchain product. Our expert instructor will guide you on ideation and concept development, right through to MVP creation. At the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to pitch your final concept and the ability to identify a problem, a market, and a solution.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Blockchain from theory, to cryptocurrency creation, to product and strategy, to design tools and techniques.

In this next intake WWF-Australia and Academy Xi are partnering to give you the opportunity to amplify impact through a Blockchain-based idea. At the end of the course, you could even have the opportunity to be incubated and supported by Panda Labs – WWF-Australia’s innovation program that accelerates new ideas with positive social and environmental impact.

This course is for

There are no prerequisites for this course. We only ask you have an interest and willingness to learn and elevate your skills.

  • Curious: you’ve heard of Blockchain before and now you want to understand how it applies to your industry, personal project, or career
  • Industry Sectors: you’re working in an industry that’s ripe for disruption: finance, energy, insurance etc. You want to take advantage of what this new technology may bring
  • UX & UI Designers: you’re someone who’s looking to understand how to design for Blockchain. You question how to design for interactions that are not necessarily visible
  • Designers and Developers: you’re looking for guidance on how to create design and interaction standards. You want to take advantage of the IxB (Interaction for Blockchain) toolkit
  • Government Executives: you’re looking to better understand Blockchain opportunities and how they may impact government projects and initiatives
  • Entrepreneurs: you’re already looking for ways to create profitable and disruptive businesses, so why not consider Blockchain?
  • Technology Enthusiasts: you know more than the average person about Bitcoin. You see Blockchain as the next big thing
  • Consultants and Advisors: your clients are asking you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this space. You need to highlight opportunities and provide innovative business strategies that will help your clients stay relevant, grow, and scale
What you'll learn
  • Behind-the-Scenes of a Blockchain Product

    We’ll introduce you to Blockchain concepts including cryptocurrencies, tokens, and ICO’s. Learn the fundamentals of blocks and cryptography and what it means when we refer to ‘private’ and ‘public’ chains.

  • Industry Focus & High-Level Concept Creation

    Learn which businesses have already adopted the Blockchain and understand how they’re using this technology to solve problems using innovative solutions.

  • Blockchain Experience Design & Prototype

    Design is everything and here we’ll introduce you to Design Principles where you can create personas and customer journeys. You’ll use design and use Flight Plan (blockchain platform) to create your very own live prototype.

  • Token Mechanism Design & Prototype

    We’ll introduce you to economic design; from game theory to how we create incentives within a token economy. Take a look into token design examples within the industry and understand how this fits into your own prototype. At the end of the week, you’ll detail the actors and interactions using the Smart Social Contract.

  • Your Plan and Product Story

    In our final week, we’ll look at how you can take your idea to the next level. You’ll create a presentation on your Blockchain product and pitch it to the class and instructors. Finally, we’ll identify any restrictions and knowledge gaps to access your next steps in your Blockchain career journey.

Learn more
Career outcomes


  • Learn about the Blockchain: history, purpose, and vision
  • Understand the possibilities for the Blockchain
  • Create a blockchain product and working prototype on the Ethereum testnet (powered by Flight Plan)

Research and Knowledge

  • Gain insights on the requirements to launch a concept on the Blockchain
  • Lean how to navigate information and what communities to join, find answers to recognised problems and information gaps
  • Confidence and know-how to self-learn and improve on Blockchain concepts

Hands-On Skills

  • Create and launch a live Blockchain prototype, a full stack Dapp that you can use on mobile or desktop
  • Create a Blockchain Product Canvas to explain your idea and create a presentation with your working prototype
  • Understand how to build concepts on new vs existing Blockchain


Gendry Morales

Gendry Morales

Founder of The Flight Plan | Instructor

Gendry is the founder of Flight Plan (http://theflightplan.io), a Blockchain Platform for rapid prototyping and an Experimentation Ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of use cases on the blockchain. This idea was born after her team launched a decentralised application called CryptoCats (http://cryptocats.thetwentysix.io) last year, digital collectible avatar art on the Ethereum Platform.

Gendry has 20 years of technology experience, 12 years of that in leadership roles specialising in modern engineering practices and product delivery. Gendry has a degree in Computer Science and background in backend development. She is a thought leader in Digital Transformation and Post Conventional Leadership. She regularly speaks at conferences covering topics in advanced Product Delivery practices at scale and how to use data science with team performance. And she helps demystify blockchain technology through a user experience lens with use cases in fashion, supply chain, art and games.

Reece Proudfoot

Reece Proudfoot

Innovation Strategist at WWF-Australia

Reece is a senior strategist and innovation lead with a focus on delivering global impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. As an Innovation Strategist at WWF-Australia, Reece works with diverse players to help them take advantage of opportunities that deliver for people, the planet, and the bottom line.

Reece was also responsible for launching WWF’s network-first innovation lab: “Panda Labs.” This new lab is focussed on channeling innovation for positive social and environmental impact. Currently, his Reece is exploring the Blockchain and looking for ways this technology can drive sustainable development forward.



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